Every tourist must follow 3 easy steps to find the best taxi in the UK

If you are traveling to the UK, the last thing you want to do is travel on foot.

No matter how beautiful and serene the views around you are, or how enticing the experience may prove to be.

Renting a minicab or a taxi is a must.

And, that’s when hiring a reliable taxi service becomes beneficial.

The London’s iconic black cabs are famous around the world as they are a representation of the city.

However, over the time black color has been replaced with different colors, too.

These colorful cars look anything but typical minicabs intact with all the basic facilities and even luxuries depending on your budget.

The famous minicabs that travelers travel in around the country are the safest way of getting around the city.

Now with the arrival of my online cab booking websites, finding a taxi has become quite hassle-free.

These taxies are most pleasant to travel in; they have comfortable seats and offer a safe and relaxed ride.

Some taxis also come with extra facilities such as internet facility and luxurious seats.

The taxi drivers are extremely friendly, and pleasant to talk to.

They not only take you for a sightseeing ride, but also offer you practical advice on travel in the UK, what places to visit, which hotels are best to stay in, and how to stay away from any possible dangers in the city, including safety tips and considerations.

Choose the reputable company for transportation

Be confident about cab services in UK because they are safe from the risks unless and until you do not follow the precautionary steps.

Trained taxi/minicab drivers

Indeed, here the taxi services are quite reliable because no taxi driver here can practice driving without obtaining their driving license.

For instance, if there is a taxi driver in London he can’t drive his taxi without obtaining his London’s government-run transportation license.

Taxi drivers are skilled and full of information

Promisingly all licensed cabs driver are 100% reliable for their driving skills and right information about the city tours due to their standard practice.

Either you choose the taxi service or minicabs; you will find both the experiences quite satisfactory.

If you need to ride in luxury and have the budget, then nothing will be better other than the taxi for you

 Minicabs are the most economical

Minicabs are the most economical car services that offers you very low rate than the taxi. For this, you have to do the booking prior to riding from any reputable chauffeuring company.

The plus point is you have the choice to select the smaller or bigger vehicle according to the number of passengers. Make sure that the vehicle you book has the PCO (Public Carriage Office) on the back/front of the car to confirm the licensed one.

Important points to keep in mind while travelling to the UK


  • Look online for taxi and minicabs availability
  • Select the reputable and standard with black cab license
  • Be aware of the fact that not all companies serve the rides to all areas follow this, and make arrangements beforehand.
  • More you might have to pay them some extra charges of £2 for booking through the phone.
  • Most of the time taxi & minicabs can be hired from the same company of transportation.

Find the best taxi in 3 easy steps

If you are someone who is travelling to the UK whether with family or alone. Finding trustworthy transportation could be an issue for you. The good news is it’s no longer an issue for you. Now you can find the best taxi in town following the 3 easy steps.

Go to a website called pickmycab.

Add details: choose your destination, the type of taxi you want, even your date and time. (You can even do advance booking).

Pick up the package that best suits your budget: choose the best and compare prices from other networks, you will find them cost effective and very friendly.

Book your car: Pay online and get your booking confirmation instantly.

Now you don’t have to worry about finding a suitable taxi for yourself and its high fare. Everything is taken care for even before you set out to travel.

After all travelling should be fun, not a hassle .So, every time you plan to travel just make advance booking with the website and travel hassle free with the best cars and price in town.

Booking a cab was never so easy and fun

With this cab booking website, booking was never so easy and fun. It can literally book your ride with in seconds’ right from your screen.

Immediate booking and receipt

With immediate booking there’s no hassle. You know your ride has been booked, so you stay relaxed. Anytime you want to go anywhere, your taxi will be waiting for you on your doorstep.

Safe payment options

The payment options provided on the website are internationally accepted and the safest ones. You don’t have to worry about scam. Everything is already taken care for. The payment options included are credit card, debit card and PayPal.

 User friendly interface

The website offers user friendly interface, it’s easy to use, simple to navigate through and within seconds even a person who’s not tech savvy can book his ride.

Time and money saving both

You can compare the fare with regular taxi fares, and you will find the best deals on this website. The website doesn’t only let you save time but your hard earned money, too.

 Professional and extremely co-operative drivers

The drivers are professional to the core, yet they are not rude or un-friendly. They would make every possible effort to make you feel comfortable and accommodate you in a best possible way.

Comfortable, safe and on time pick up guaranteed

The cars are extremely comfortable to travel in, even to the far-away places. The seats are luxurious and comfortable to sit on for long drives. Even the drivers are punctual and reach on exact time to take you to your desired destination. So, that you don’t miss out on your important meetings or your scheduled flight.

Estimated fares make your life easy

The good news is many online cab companies that can calculate the estimated fare that you are likely to pay before renting the cab.

However, you have to pay the fare according to your choice of vehicle and area to ride.

When you already know the estimated amount to hiring a cab or taxi you keep that cash handy in your wallet without any tension. Unlike the regular taxis that you hire on spot.

For the taxis you find on roads, you have to pay the per meter rate at the end of the total journey. In it, fare meter let you know the EXACT payment to pay

On the other hand, minicabs serve you with the FIXED rate. For this, you have to pay at your target destination as the agreed price.

Booking a taxi service or minicab is best for your safety

The use of the taxi service and minicabs are ideal for your better safety and peaceful, the safe journey in a country which is new for you, either you are newcomer or citizen of that area.


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